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Are you ready?

This world is changing. It’s happening fast. Was happening fast before. It certainly doesn’t help that we had a pandemic to instigate our behavior across the board. New behavior. Individually and shared behavior. Our shopping, eating, socializing, learning, working behaviors were each like grand sociology experiments. Like dominos cascading, things are changing. Undoubtedly, some of those new habits and behaviors we took on will recede away. “Do we need plexi-glass dividers cutting up things like a bar surface?” Other aspects will persist in some way. “People AND business both actually liked quite a bit about working from home.” Life comes at you fast. Comes at your business fast. Are you ready for it?

A pandemic is unfortunate. Perhaps inevitable. Perhaps also a bit of a fluke. We have brilliant organizations watching and reacting to such things right when they start. We have safeguards and protocol in place to head them off quickly. So much so that our current reality was clearly a potential future, we took for granted. This future we are now living, none of us were expecting just months prior. While those safeguarding us have done a remarkable job for so very long, they (we) missed this one. We clearly weren’t as successful early as we could’ve been.

But other futures are not nearly as unpredictable as they might seem. Futurists converse in a certain way. They sound a lot like Elon Musk. They talk about the future with a comfort and certainty that is remarkable. They see it well before the rest of us do. They are already moving towards it with confidence. Either like it has happened, or they will make it happen. Could it be, dare we say, prophecy? Did you see GM announce that they will be completely EV vehicles in a handful of years? It’s remarkable given that cars with lame old combustion engines are 95% of their sales today. Or did you catch Amazon asking for and gaining FAA clearance to fly automated drones above people with packages not long ago? What happens if we can make flexible photovoltaic panels that can float in the middle of the pacific ocean? What happens when we have an infinite amount of energy?

It all sounds compelling, and remarkably likely. Is it possible that some of these futurists happen to be armed with different knowledge and a way of seeing the world than the rest of us? Is it that they are tuned in to data that points them in a clear direction. That makes it, that future, obvious… inevitable. The future is not as complicated as it seems. It’s coming quick. Things are already happening that will massive affect our world, our lives. Are you nose down missing it? Are you paying attention in such ways? What if you should be? Are you ready? We can help.

We can help. We've been there. Done quite a bit of that. Made mistakes and learned somethings. Fact of the matter is, you are not alone. We captured our story, our learnings, our perspective on it all in a book. It’s… well… most of the way there. Quite a bit of editing and refinement to do, but we are all busy people, so it’s hard to tackle. What’s also hard is reading a book. We read. Quite a bit in fact. But we know that we are in the minority. We know that while the appetite is there for us all to read and read robustly, few of us do so as much as we’d like.

Thus our proposition, we instead offer you the book, our book in bite sized chunks. A bit at a time. It’s a simple elegant solution for you and we both. We get to polish our book a portion at a time. You get to chew on it in manageable sittings on a periodic cadence. In the end we are all better for it.

“But wait,” you ask yourself, “who are these guys & why should I read this book?” Good questions. Healthy skepticism. Questions we should always ask when reading any source. Context matters. Background matters. We are glad you asked. You have a job. You are pretty great. You do things, lead things, you so totally business. You might even have considered; I mean really, really considered your philosophies about certain things. Why you lead the way you do. How ambitious you do or don’t want to be personally. How ambitious you do or don’t want your business to be. But… have you written a book? Have you thought about it and put it together in way that makes a compelling argument or useful tool? Have you taken the time to define something that needs a few hundred pages?

Why these guys? Is a question looking for credibility? Whether we are aware of it or not, we always ask it. Good presenters or speakers are believed to have strong appeal on 3 different fronts. Logos – their logic. Ethos – the emotion (stories can really help here). And finally, Pathos – credibility. Why these guys? What qualifies them? Why should I care about what they have to say?

We’ve spent a considerable amount of time on our logic. Like the big nerds we are, we’ve studied these subjects ad nauseum. We’ve debated and debated, how things organized and bucket to be mentally sticky so that you remember them, and portable so that you can apply them. As our thoughts started to land on paper, we supplemented them with a wealth of examples and case studies – stories that give our logos a worthwhile ethos – emotion. In truth, you can take or leave either of those. You can agree or disagree with us. We aren’t selling it. We are merely imparting what we’ve learned and how we see things. And you, the avid learner that you are, are merely seeking more perspective, more learnings. You are searching for things that make sense for you to apply to the world you live in and the work you do. But even before a speaker utters a word, or a presenter shows an image, we are intuitively sizing them up. What’s their bio? How do they carry themselves? Who are these guys? And why should I care about this book?

Like a yogi-berrism or a circular argument, the answer comes around too to the unavoidable truth…that the book itself, is exactly the thing that gives us pathos to have written… wait for it… the book. It proves we have thought about these subjects more than you. It proves, whether or not you agree with our logic or appreciate the quality of our ethos, that we can, and should, write this book. That you, without a book to show, still have thinking to do, still have work to do, for yourself and for the world. Yes, it is a simple circular argument. Remarkably inevitable really. You should care about this book; you should read it… quite simply... because we wrote it.

It's not easy out there. You are not alone. We can help. Let’s get you ready.

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