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Connecting The Dots

August 2, 2019

Gutenberg's movable type printing press in the 1430's allowed for ideas to spread in a way never before seen.  The 42 line Gutenberg bible was his most well-known printed item, which was printed in 1455.  This tool changed the world.


Today, we consider a book a common tool, like glasses, or a shovel, or a car.  These empower us all to achieve things otherwise impossible without them.


In the case of the book, this tool creates a safe space to share ideas.  Leadership is about ideas and people.  Because of this tool we can all share the same idea, in the same way.  How we apply the ideas we discover to solve a problem is the art of creation.  This allows us to consider new alternatives, perspectives, and possibilities.  


Connecting the dots: a profound curiousity cultivates a wide acumen.


Books are the tool that allow us to nurture the ideas that become the fuel of leadership, strategy, and innovation.  To share our ideas in meaningful ways that allow other people to solve problems the author hadn't discovered, and to help people the author hasn't met.  


In the 1960's my Dad did his doctoral dissertation at The Ohio State University.  He had to go to the library, because the books were there.  All the ideas.  Stored in the towers, row upon row, locked away between the covers of those books.

Today, books are accessible to all.  Sharing of ideas is more profoundly possible than ever before in history.  The Gutenberg Project at Google has already shared 59,579 free books with the world.  Accessible from anywhere with just an internet connection.  For many of us, in the palm of our hands.


Mark shares ideas as gifts every year.  Last year, he reached out and asked me for recommendations of important books with transformational ideas.  It was a fascinating exercise.  What are new ideas?  What are the most profound ideas that I come back to again and again to help solve problems.

Great ideas are transformational.  Great ideas are relatable and easily shared.  


Profound ideas have changed the world and changed the way we live in it.  Religion, Philosophy, Science, Mathmatics, Music, Jurisprudence, Capitalism and Democracy have all been transformative and continue to yield new insights and discoveries every day.


Ideas empower people to solve problems that change the world.  Books are the safe place you will find those ideas.


Connect the dots.


Go change the world.






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