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It's A Trap!

February 2, 2016

Cognitive bias

It's a trap!

From the mouth of my favorite nerdy General

***warning - General Akbar - Star Wars reference***

What is cognitive bias?

Knowing that how you SEE the world

Is always looking through a lens

Into a mirror

An image that's only PART of a REFLECTION

Ah, but you think you understand it!

It looks somehow familiar!

Like riding a bike

Once you've had success

Now that you KNOW what it takes to achieve results

You have it mapped out in your head 


Like magic

It just happens!

But what if you don't REALLY understand it

It's not your fault

That is how we cope with chaos

As startups, we find ways to succeed

And to deal with the challenges of success

But its not your fault

You can't see a solution that's right in front of you

Your awesome staff are amazing at what they do

And its not their fault 

That they don't see it either

It's a trap!

That trap is cognitive bias.

To learn

You must first UNLEARN

And that is hard

Unless you have help

It's NOT your fault are having such success

But its time to take MASSIVE ACTION

To make your success a part of your story

And not the end of it

Check out this cool video that illustrates it so well:



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