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A Legacy

November 3, 2015


Uncertainty breeds reflection

On a legacy

Of more than one million opportunities

To build rewarding experiences

And nurture the passion

Of amazing women

What an unbelieveable opportunity

To Connect, Inspire, and Lead 

From startup

To enterprise


Pinch me

Making a difference

One experience at a time

By teaching artists

To recognize

That everyone who takes a call

Or answers an email

Is both worker and OWNER

Of that experience

Not in the business of following THE script

But the business of stewardship

To know your gifts

The most powerful and best form of you

Your positivity, your kindness, your creativity, and your passion

Then the invoking of the power to be GENEROUS

Give it away, relentlessly

No one can say no

Just do it

When you give it away

You inspire 

You connect HER to HER passion

Build HER trust 

And make a difference

You do something that matters


They are YOUR amazing gifts

But if you give them away

Every day

You inspire me

You make it possible

To know that an artist

Might just be getting started

Geeking out

Inspiring amazing 

And making a difference

What a legacy

You've made possible


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