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What, So What, Now What

November 2, 2015


Grantland was closed by ESPN in Oct 2015.


It was credited for bringing innovation into the world of journalism.  


Ignoring the what of the news, sports news, and focusing on the so what, and the now what instead.  


They applauded those with a wide-acumen.


They told stories that added depth and meaning to the what.


They recognized that sports-fans are so much more, and they applauded their pop-culture entertainment energy and vision for compelling stories from across the spectrum.


Covering the what is the perview of ESPN, CNN, Fox, CNBC and the like.


Clear focus on your what - results.  Do you know who's doing this in your business?


So what - this should be your executive team.


With data-driven decisions, they can focus clearly on what it means for all of them.


How and where to focus.


Now what?


Who's got your back on this space?


Leading innovation doesn't come from one seat, or one location.


It's a part of your DNA.


Innovation comes from box 2 and box 3 thinking.


Investments in time, capital, and talent that won't pay a dividend today.


They are planting trees to walk in the shade for years to come.


Your mid-term and long-term growth are completely dependent upon doing this well.


Grantland gets credit for their innovation - by choosing to focus exclusively on the story and what it means.


When you focus on your story, you inspire hope to your team.


You can find what's next - and know NOW WHAT. 

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