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You are worthy

October 30, 2015


 It defines us in ways we don’t intend

I can’t afford that

If only I could have that opportunity ahead of me

As long as I’m doing better than that person behind me

It’s like keeping up with the Jones’

That family – the Jones’ – they must have EVERYTHING!

Sometimes we put on appearances

We fake it until we make it

To appear worthy
The crazy part about that

Is how OFTEN it works

Don’t dress for the job you have

Dress for the job you WANT

Because it works

Not 100% of the time

But often enough to pay attention

You’ve only got one chance to make

That FIRST impression

Make it count and be REMARKABLE

If you are looking at product for your STORY

That SHE will sell

For HER business

I think it’s critically important to ask the question

Is it remarkable

Can she be proud of it

Can she stand behind it


She’s got to be all in on your product

The rest is up to HER

But you want that passion to shine through

And resonate with her friends, family, co-workers, and customers

She’s got everything else she needs

But what you bring to the table

And we she tells her family

About this product

Will it give HER the opportunity

To tell them

YOU are worthy

YOUR children are worthy

YOU are remarkable

If so

That’s a pretty great story

And she’ll want to tell it

Over, and over, and over

Because as she does

She’s learns suddenly

She’s not faking it

She’s making it


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