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October 25, 2015


Strategy has a tendency to take a team to the fork in the road.  There’s no clear right or wrong.  But there’s a clear left or right. And you need to pick a direction & go with it - No regrets, always moving forward.


To make things the best for your consultants, hostesses, customers, and employees, the only wrong is not committing, not building a plan that goes all in.  If you hesitate or hedge, you've lost confidence. And trust.


One of those forks is around the party experience.  Is it their party experience or yours?  Do we go for a clean, crisp, easy and always the same experience, or is every party totally different?  Either way, it’s yours to decide. Go all in.  And go all the way with it.  Make it amazing.  Make it a way to differentiate your business.  There is no right or wrong way to handle it.  but you will know if and when you’ve found the right mix, by how it complements everything else you’re doing.


Oh, and somewhere in that process be sure to ask  "Who’s party is it?"  Ask HER.  You may be surprised by the answers you get.  Either way, it becomes a matter of style. What makes your style different from someone else’s?  Sometimes it will be in fashion, other times it will be out.  But stick to your style.  Stay with it.  Adapt, certainly.  Learn from your mistakes, and use this energy to create new opportunities.  Ones that make you even more amazing, more original, and more of who you’ve always been.  Who were you were called to be?


It’s ALL about YOUR style.



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