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August 2, 2019

Gutenberg's movable type printing press in the 1430's allowed for ideas to spread in a way never before seen.  The 42 line Gutenberg bible was his most well-known printed item, which was printed in 1455.  This tool changed the world.

Today, we consider a book a common tool, like glasses, or a shovel, or a car.  These empower us all to achieve things otherwise impossible without them.

In the case of the book, this tool creates a safe space to share ideas.  Leadership is about ideas and people.  Because of this tool we can all share the same idea, in the same way.  How we apply the ideas we discover to solve a problem is the art of creation.  This allows us to consider new alternatives, perspectives, and possibilities.  

Connecting the dots: a profound curiousity cultivates a wide acumen.

Books are the tool that allow us to nurture the ideas that become the fuel of leadership, strategy, and innovation.  To share our ideas in meaningful ways that allow other...

November 16, 2018

(Cross-post with Redbank Advisors)

This month’s article is a collaboration with Andy Shockney, Redbank Advisor, and President and Founder of What Box Consulting Group.  Andy has over twenty years of operational leadership with companies in Central Ohio.  He has over ten years of corporate experience, and over ten years in entrepreneurship.  He has been a full-time consultant since 2016.

This month we explore the 5 levels of growth in the Redbank Business Capability Maturity Model and the steps you need to take to prepare your business to achieve the next level of growth.

redbank business capability maturity model

“Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things.” Peter Drucker

Understanding what the right things to do is challenging as a business leader.  You are constantly being inundated by problems, challenges, obstacles, and opportunities.  They are overwhelming to anyone who dares to take on management or leadership responsibilities.

Redbank recom...

December 29, 2017

Leading is always about people and ideas

March 14, 2016

How important is it?

To know you can 

Experiment, test, discover, and learn

To establish trust

It's everyone's job

To the icons, coaches, pacesetters, and experts

Of subject matter


putting trust first

you protect

The life-giving blood that flows

Through your organization

And everything you do

It's that important.

But how?

Do I feel safe

Does my team respect me

Do they care about our customers

We all want to do a good job

But we fail

We will ALL fail

Inevitably we fall down

And that is when we make a mistake

The end
Or is that the beginning

Of a chance NOT to know


Like in a classroom

The place we explore together

Does this undermine our accountability? 

Oh, don't get me wrong, you must

Clean up your mess

But, you can engage without fear and

Don't hit people

Or create anxiety with points and paperwork 

Focus instead 

On the simple things each day

They make all the difference

When you make room for life

And allow for amazing

You discover what's possible

Be aware...

February 2, 2016

Cognitive bias

It's a trap!

From the mouth of my favorite nerdy General

***warning - General Akbar - Star Wars reference***

What is cognitive bias?

Knowing that how you SEE the world

Is always looking through a lens

Into a mirror

An image that's only PART of a REFLECTION

Ah, but you think you understand it!

It looks somehow familiar!

Like riding a bike

Once you've had success

Now that you KNOW what it takes to achieve results

You have it mapped out in your head 


Like magic

It just happens!

But what if you don't REALLY understand it

It's not your fault

That is how we cope with chaos

As startups, we find ways to succeed

And to deal with the challenges of success

But its not your fault

You can't see a solution that's right in front of you

Your awesome staff are amazing at what they do

And its not their fault 

That they don't see it either

It's a trap!

That trap is cognitive bias.

To learn

You must first UNLEARN

And that is hard

Unless you have help

It's NOT your fault are having such success

But its time t...

November 17, 2015

Today, Seth talks about Natural Light

As a solution

As an input

An asset you include in your design

To illuminate

The manager exclaims

I can't afford to risk losing productivity

I have to have control

Of everything

In my environment

And know that each aspect and element is exactly the same

The lighting is the same

Disney princesses put it best

Let it go

Let go of what you must do

Use what comes


Be artistic

Be creative

Be authentic

Not just because its the new way of getting things done

There is an important point he missed

The value proposition of authentic is superior

A solution for entrepreneurs

To solve your problem

To engage your employees

Inspire hope

Pivot to next

What entrepreneurs do


Let it go

Find your natural light

And share your light with the world

November 3, 2015


Uncertainty breeds reflection

On a legacy

Of more than one million opportunities

To build rewarding experiences

And nurture the passion

Of amazing women

What an unbelieveable opportunity

To Connect, Inspire, and Lead 

From startup

To enterprise


Pinch me

Making a difference

One experience at a time

By teaching artists

To recognize

That everyone who takes a call

Or answers an email

Is both worker and OWNER

Of that experience

Not in the business of following THE script

But the business of stewardship

To know your gifts

The most powerful and best form of you

Your positivity, your kindness, your creativity, and your passion

Then the invoking of the power to be GENEROUS

Give it away, relentlessly

No one can say no

Just do it

When you give it away

You inspire 

You connect HER to HER passion

Build HER trust 

And make a difference

You do something that matters


They are YOUR amazing gifts

But if you give them away

Every day

You inspire me

You make it possible

To know that an artist

Might just be getting start...

November 2, 2015


Grantland was closed by ESPN in Oct 2015.


It was credited for bringing innovation into the world of journalism.  


Ignoring the what of the news, sports news, and focusing on the so what, and the now what instead.  


They applauded those with a wide-acumen.


They told stories that added depth and meaning to the what.


They recognized that sports-fans are so much more, and they applauded their pop-culture entertainment energy and vision for compelling stories from across the spectrum.


Covering the what is the perview of ESPN, CNN, Fox, CNBC and the like.


Clear focus on your what - results.  Do you know who's doing this in your business?


So what - this should be your executive team.


With data-driven decisions, they can focus clearly on what it means for all of them.


How and where to focus.


Now what?


Who's got your back on this space?


Leading innovation doesn't come from one seat, or one location.


It's a part of your DNA.


Innovation comes from box 2 and box 3 thinking.


Investments in time, c...

October 30, 2015

 It defines us in ways we don’t intend

I can’t afford that

If only I could have that opportunity ahead of me

As long as I’m doing better than that person behind me

It’s like keeping up with the Jones’

That family – the Jones’ – they must have EVERYTHING!

Sometimes we put on appearances

We fake it until we make it

To appear worthy
The crazy part about that

Is how OFTEN it works

Don’t dress for the job you have

Dress for the job you WANT

Because it works

Not 100% of the time

But often enough to pay attention

You’ve only got one chance to make

That FIRST impression

Make it count and be REMARKABLE

If you are looking at product for your STORY

That SHE will sell

For HER business

I think it’s critically important to ask the question

Is it remarkable

Can she be proud of it

Can she stand behind it


She’s got to be all in on your product

The rest is up to HER

But you want that passion to shine through

And resonate with her friends, family, co-workers, and customers

She’s got everything else she needs

But what you bring t...

October 26, 2015

The performance engine has a plan.  It defines the work that will be done.  Left turns around a nascar track.  Exactly 4 of them, no more, no less.  Rinse and repeat.  New month, new plan, not wholly different than the last, but with faster lap times, less wear on the tires, quicker pit stops.  I have my stopwatch and clipboard.  We are ready.


Everything else is extraneous.  Cut it all out.  We are focused.  It is planned.  We are planners.


Yes.  Planners are focused.  And they can plan, because they know exactly what needs done.  They are merely picking the right set of steps from steps they have already taken.  But what if you need a set of steps you haven’t ever taken?  What if you need to do something you haven’t ever done?  What if you simply need to find new opportunities and your planners are too busy focusing on the plan and intentionally ignoring everything else that is otherwise extraneous.


Pants-ers are di...

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